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All About Entertainment

Posted by on September 17, 2020 0


All About Entertainment

Entertainment is not just about watching movies and listening to music. Yes, entertainment is not always meant to relate to the media industry. It will be more accurate when it comes to sharing moments and enjoying life to the fullest. Someone well said, make your career as your hobby. Do what you love to do, so that you can work more than a day. You are not here to search for entertainment, it will be more meaningful when entertainment finds you.

Entertainment is a kind of activity that holds the attention or interest of an audience.

 There are several definitions that define the meaning of the term “Entertainment”. However, entertainment can’t be described in a word or a sentence. It’s just a moment that you can feel/enjoy by doing some activity. Like you are reading this blog there is so much interesting you can find in the upper paragraph. It clearly says that what entertainment means to be. So again entertainment depends on how you feel to spend the moments.

Now, we are living in 2020. Here are a lot of gadgets by which you can entertain yourself but that’s not what entertainment is. We all know that there are a lot of sources in today’s generation by 

which we can engage ourselves. Most of us spend their time over the Internet by sharing pictures/moments and spending time on mobile games. So, do we are actually doing something productive? Well, I am not against social media, YouTube, games, and all that. I am just trying to tell you that spending more time on these platforms can harm you. We all know that most of us are busy in our 8-9 hours job but what about the other time. Is that we are wasting our time? Technology is a very powerful tool in itself. But somewhere, decreasing the productivity also. Some of the applications are not meant to be.


If we go back to our previous time when the technology was not so upgraded, we see that there was a lot of time to live life and people are really enjoying those moments. It’s all about peace and if we look now we see that people are very busy in their day to day life, but they are not actually busy. At the end of the day, people still feel that they are not getting time to entertain themselves. So again the big question occurs what actually the Entertainment is?


Now a day’s people are not following their passion just because of the responsibilities they have. Yes, I totally agree that you have a lot of work to do and you also have responsibilities but what about life. Where we are lacking? Can we find peace in our daily routine?


As I earlier said, entertainment is not only about the media an all. It about finding peace moments, like we used to go to our village at the time of summer vacations. There were not so many gadgets available but we entertain ourselves by seeing happy faces, by spending time with our people. Because the actual happiness is finding peace and peace comes with a smile.


Don’t be a part of Entertainment, let the Entertainment be a part of you. Else, in a more specific way, don’t be get addicted to something otherwise you will have to pay the cost. If you will that you are getting addicted to something just remove that from your daily routine. I know this will be difficult, but I can surely say that you will save yourself.


Try new things, try to make someone happy because we never know a small contribution to someone’s life can be given a big impact on one’s life. Try to engage with people not only over the Internet. Because of the real-life start outside the screen. Try to create an atmosphere where people find an environment and they can start engaging with each other.


So, why not find some answers to the following questions?

  1. Factors that are affecting Entertainment?
  2. What you can do without getting bored?
  3. Do you connect with the real meaning of Entertainment?

Now getting to the point, Entertainment is not what we see, it is actually what we feel. From getting a small job, starting your own business and so on, everything can be so enjoyable and interesting if we want to make it. But, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Doing what you love is not everyone can chase and you know what the biggest thing that stopping you? The answer is you yourself.  Because we care about society, we care about those people who are not given shit for what we are doing, they are just temporary people. So try to chase your dream, chase your goals because then you actually find the real peace and from there the Entertainment begins.

Start to live a life, not to just spend it. Because time never stops, if you have it then grab it now. Because life can offer the same chocolate to everyone. So, now or never the choice is absolutely yours. Do find the entertainment but is not on the reel world, spend time with your love ones because they are the actual people who care about you.

If you living you are comfortable, then you are growing up, because the actual meaning of life is suffering from different situations, accepting challenges and fight every day to find a better solution. So, spread positivity, spread happiness, stay humble, and stay cool.

So, Entertainment is not just about a word, it is meaningless until we feel in the moment. It will be more enjoyable when it comes to our work. So follow your passion and enjoy every moment of life. Do not hurt anyone and try to feel the power of positivity.

Thank you for reading this article, hope you have got some positivity and can relate what actually the Entertainment is? 

let’s have your comment below it goes a long way helping us to write more of these for you 

 Wishing you all the very best, share this and spread the knowledge, and most importantly enjoy every moment!!!


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